Amped 3 for Xbox 360?

Of all the rumored names for the next Xbox, I really like Xenon the best. It's too bad I'm pretty sure that isn't going to win out, but Xbox 360 has a nice ring to it, too. If the name ends up being correct, I wonder if it will be called just the Xbox still or if people will start calling it the 360.

Well, no matter what's it called, Amped 3 is going to play on it. I suppose this isn't huge news, but it's the only "exclusive" information I really have. So I thought I'd try to spread it around. See, I'm a student at BYU with Sean Neff, who runs some snowboard clothing company (that I've never heard of, but others have). They've had him record some stuff for Amped 3 (he was in Amped 2 as well) and he told me that they got about halfway into production when it was moved from the Xbox to the 360. And this was several months ago - launch title, perhaps?