Rare purchase

Shane Kim, Microsoft Games Studio executive, touted the value of Rare in an interview with Shacknews Monday. He said,

“I think that the story on Rare is really going to be told in the next three to five years. … When [the Xbox 360 price drops further], that's when you're really going to see Rare's value showing through."

Hmmm...haven't we heard this before? I think if I spent upwards of $400 million for a company five years ago, I'd want a lot more than a panned brawler, two mediocre launch games, and a poor-selling children's game.

Nintendo of America's Peter MacDougall was certainly right when he said in 2002,

"Nintendo had the ability to continue its exclusive relationship with Rare, but in looking at the company's recent track record, it became clear that its value to the future of Nintendo would be limited."