The return of the three-way

First off I would like to thank Jacob for allowing me to post on his namesake.

I think what the world is missing on the invention of, or re-imagining of, the iPhone is the same glee we once held in our middle school years. Who hasn't been on the receiving end of a phone call that started off innocent, yet turned into the most embarrassing moment of your then young life.

Caller: What do you think of Joy?

Me: She nice.

Caller: Is she cute? Do you like her?

Me: Yea, I do. She is swell.

Caller: Well she's on three-way!

Joy: Oh my god!

Me: Ah!

(phone call simulated)

The return of the three-way in such a technically beautiful upgrade is a fantastic opportunity to reunite us with an old friend. So while we sit and contemplate spending $499 on an iPhone and then $80 a month for service (which by the way only includes 200 text messages), remember that somewhere deep inside you rests an inner-child that yearns for the devilish desire of the secret phone pact. Now if I could only find Joy on Facebook...