Twitter Conversations Follow-Up

In a previous post I argued that Twitter clients should provide an easy way to see all the @ responses to a tweet, not just the ones that directly replied. I’ve since discovered at least one Twitter client that does what I want, and have realized that many Twitter clients do what it sounded like I wanted.

I wrote:

Twitter clients should add a tab on a user’s profile page for viewing tweets directed @ that person.

Well, most Twitter clients do that, including the official Twitter client. But that’s not exactly what I’m looking for. What I really want is way to quickly get to all the @ replies from the tweet itself without having to click through to a profile page and then a tab within the profile page.

At least one application does this. Twitteriffic has a “Replies to this author” action available from the detail view of any tweet.

Part of the reason I wasn’t aware of this is because I got rid of Twitteriffic on my iPhone after a while. I just couldn’t handle its confusing interface. Turns out that the guys at The Iconfactory realized they may have overengineered the app and dramatically overhauled the interface with version 3, released in June of last year. They really did a fantastic job of keeping a lot of functionality while streamlining the interface. It’s now my default Twitter app.